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"Dr Rich is the avian expert! The clinic is state of the art, the boarding facility has large, clean cages and the team is very caring. It's with great confidence that I refer my avian patients to West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic."

Ashley C Geoghegan, DVM
Dr G's Holistic Vet Care, LLC

Avian & Exotic Pet Adoptions


Adoption Rules: As part of the adoption process all members of the family and any pets that will be interacting with the prospective new member of the household are required to come to the hospital on at least two occasions and visit with that pet. All exotic pets in the household must have a current exam and be up to date on vaccinations (if applicable). Adoption fees will apply and are non-refundable.


Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA



(5/10/16) Dixie was born here on 5/10/16 while their mom was being treated for an eye infection.There were originally 10 babies born, but only 5 survived past the first week. Four have already been adopted, leaving only Dixie. She is spayed and enjoys a good head scratch. She is also litter box trained. She is a medium to large rabbit, averaging about 7-8 pounds when full grown. That just means there is more of her to love!. Update 12/6/16: Dixie is still looking for a home! She has a ton of energy, and will need lots of room to run around. She enjoys chewing on her toys, and is fun to play with and watch run circles around the room. Lets get her home soon! Update 1/6/17: Dixie is still patiently waiting for a new home to love on her and provide lots of room for exercise. She is still very energetic, but will take time to come lay by you when she is done playing.



Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA


(2/17/17) Crow is a neutered male rabbit who was surrendered to us after he was found wandering on the levee. He is approximately 1 year old and is very sweet. He may have some lionhead in him, as he has a small mane and wispy fur around his face. He is a small bunny, about 4-5 pounds. He is very playful and loves being pet. If you are interested in this young male, please call us today to arrange a time to meet him! Update 3/10/17: Crow is still here and still sweet! He is playful and has a good appetite. We would love this sweet little man to find a great home, possibly even as a friend for another bunny. 




Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(4/11/17) Oreo is a 1-2 year old neutered male Rex Rabbit. He was found and cared for a neutered, but they were unable to find his original owners. The people who found him were unable to care for Oreo, so he was surrendered to our hospital. He is a very sweet, laid back bunny looking for the right permanent home. His soft fur makes him an excellent petting buddy, and he loves cuddles.  Call or come by to meet this handsome boy!





Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(8/1/16) Gabby is an 18 year old female White Fronted Amazon. She was adopted from us in 2011, but her recent owners had begun to have serious health problems, so had to surrender her back to us. She is friendly and willingly comes out of her cage to hang out. She is fully weaned on to Zupreem pellets, and is up to date on her Polyoma Virus vaccine. Prior to 2011 she had some liver problems, but went through a full course of treatment and her more recent blood work shows no current issues. Even though she is small, she is still an Amazon parrot, and needs someone experienced with larger parrots to adopt her. If you are interested in meeting her and giving her a third chance at a great home, please call us today! Update 3/10/17: Gabby is still waiting for the right person to come along. She has a very quiet disposition, but can be nervous with certain people. She loves to just be in the same room as you and observe what is going on. She is still a great eater, and loves her added vegetables daily. 


Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

Peppa Pig

(2/23/17) Peppa Pig is a 3 year old female guinea pig. She was surrendered to us through another veterinary clinic after the original owner could no longer care for her. She is very sweet and loves attention. She is a little overweight, but we have adjusted her diet and are working with her to lose a few extra grams. She loves her hay and most vegetables. We have not tried her with another guinea pig, but most pigs do well in pairs. Call us today if you would like to meet her!




Pet Adoptions in Metairie, LA

(3/8/17) Drago is a 4-5 year old male bearded dragon. He was found in someone's Lakeview backyard, and the people had no luck finding his owner. When he was brought to us he was very thin and dehydrated. Bloodwork and a fecal parasite check were all normal. After being here a few weeks getting rehydrated and on a more normal diet, he is doing very well. He is very social, has a great appetite, and looking for a new home!